Off Duty Mom

Thoughts from an exhausted mom who is NEVER really "off duty"

Please be advised

I am not a healthcare professional or early childhood expert.  All advice, thoughts and topics discussed in this blog are the opinions, ideas and musings of a hardworking mother of two, not professional advice meant to be a substitute for a good, honest talk with your pediatrician, psychologist or other industry expert.

I am, however, an educational specialist and do feel comfortable giving professional advice regarding the education of high-school aged students.  If you have questions or would like feedback, please see the “Make Sure You’re Connected” section of the blog, or leave a comment on the appropriate post. 

I never try to confuse my career with my real work.  I work as a mother.  I am paid to be an education professional.  I ask that you never make any purchases or decisions regarding the welfare of your children without consulting the appropriate licensed professionals who are employed to assist your family.

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