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Guest Posting

At “Off Duty Mom”-Central, we’re always looking to hear fresh voices, gain new perspectives and expand our horizons.  If you have something to say and you’d like to be considered as a “guest blogger” on the Off Duty Mom site, please show us your stuff.  Submissions are always welcome.

Here are the rules:

  *Guests posts must be related to or associated with the subject matter or overall mission of Off Duty Mom.  That is, we accept submissions relating to pop culture, parenting, fertility, education, health/mental health, women’s issues, and similar topics.  Guest posts are only considered if they are aimed at empowering, enlightening, or entertaining.  We don’t want your rant about how your husband left you and took all your money.  I mean, we’re sorry and all, but that just ain’t what we do here.  Our goal is to make parents and other nice people feel a little less alone, and a little more like they’ve been wrapped up in a big hug of winks and sarcasm.

*Only original, previously unpublished posts will be considered.  By entering a guest post, you thereby guarantee that you are the original author of the work and that your post is new and available only to Off Duty Mom.

*All published guest posts will be subject to content, format, usage and/or grammatical editing as Off Duty Mom deems necessary.  Seriously, y’all, our founder is an English Teacher.  Write good.

*Submissions selected for publishing on Off Duty Mom will remain the intellectual property of the original author, demonstrated by credit being given to the guest blogger via a byline selected by the guest blogger him or herself.  Off Duty Mom, however, retains the rights to publish or remove content at will.

*Submission to Off Duty Mom does not guarantee publishing.  But, try us.

If selected:

If Off Duty Mom selects your guest post for publication, you will be notified via the e-mail address you submit on the above form.  At that point, if you choose, you may submit photos, graphics and/or video to accompany your post through a return e-mail.


Special Series:

From time-to-time, we’ll advertise that we are looking for specific content for one of our special series.  If you wish to have your post considered for one such series, please just make that clear in your information above.


After your post becomes a part of Off Duty Mom, promote your post via Facebook/Twitter and create a link from your site.

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