Off Duty Mom

Thoughts from an exhausted mom who is NEVER really "off duty"


I am tired. Seriously tired.

I am a working mom, but when I began this blog, I was on an extended maternity leave.  I don’t know which is harder, either:  being a working mother of two small children or being a stay-at-home-mother of two small children.  As I have done them both, I  can say with absolute certainty that I always felt that the job  I didn’t have at any given time was the easier of the two.

Honestly, I love my children, I have an amazing, helpful and understanding husband, and I lead a pretty fantastic life.  I feel blessed, proud, happy, and warm every singe day.  But, I say it again as I am not sure it had the appropriate impact the first time:  I AM TIRED.

I began this blog as a way for me to vent a little.  Writing was always a very important part of my life.  I excelled in English classes in high school, I majored in English while completing my undergraduate studies, and then I became an English teacher where my biggest happiness came from working with student writing.  So, it seemed a natural outlet for me to turn to writing as a means of therapy.  As I have always taught that one must write with the idea that there can or will be an audience to the work, I decided to go ahead and present my work to an actual audience.  But, make no mistake — my writing isn’t for you.  It’s still for me.  But, I am thrilled that you’re here and would be even more thrilled if I knew that you enjoyed the time you spent visiting my blog.  Feel free to leave me a comment to let me know you’ve appreciated my posts.  If you’ve not appreciated them, feel free to keep that information to yourself, jerk.

28 thoughts on “About

  1. I too am a tired mother/English teacher. 🙂
    And here I make this comment because I ‘have appreciated your posts.’
    An interesting blog you have! Hope to visit it often….

  2. I have just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please go to to see what you gotta do! Thank you for being such an awesome blog to follow!

  3. Amen to the TIRED, sistah! I’m not sure I remember what NOT being tired feels like…carry on!

  4. I get tired just THINKING about when I will have kids. Bless ya!

  5. Mrs. Mo on said:

    Hi there. I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. I just discovered your blog and I relate to your posts so much. I hope other mothers discover you too.

    The rules are on my blog.


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  7. I’m tired too! (and also an English major and a teacher!)

  8. Because you have inspired me and you make me laugh…HARD, you’ve just received a One Lovely Blog Award! Congratulations! You can check it out here:

    • I am really honored for the recognition. Many thanks. I’m humbled.

      • I am a first grade teacher and supposedly, this is my “vacation” which is when I am suppose to rejuvenate myself for the school year. Between my new puppy’s toilet training and my demanding twice-exceptional son I am exhausted! I love your blog and can relate!

  9. Yes! When I worked full time, I used to wonder what stay-at-home Mums did all day. But now I am a stay-at-home Mum I swear life would be so much easier if I worked…
    I also recently started writing a blog, and gosh I find it helpful. All of a sudden I can figure out what I’m thinking. Sometimes I even think like I’m writing my blog (although that is starting to annoy even me).
    And I am also TIRED!
    So that’s 3 out of 3, and I can’t wait to explore the rest of your blog…

  10. thekendralou on said:

    I ain’t no mom but I find your writing quite amusing…

  11. You had me at, “I’m tired.” I only have two children, ages seven and three. Yet, I cannot for the life of me catch up on sleep. I think I’m immune to ingesting coffee orally. Perhaps an IV drip of caffeine is the cure. Thrilled to have stumbled across your blog. I sense that your writing will be a form of therapy for me too! 🙂

    • Your kids are older than mine. If you are still tired, I am losing hope!

      Thanks for visiting. Some of the things you will find here are fun, some are funny some are maddening and some will make you cry. It’s all therapeutic, though.

      For me.

      Hope you find even a little smile in my miseries, confessions and complaints!

  12. I love the line: “But, make no mistake—my writing isn’t for you. It’s still for me.” Beautiful! Exactly how I feel. I often forget who might be reading my posts and it’s a jolt when someone at the grocery store mentions a post. Wonderful “About” page.

  13. thank God! u are only tired not sick of that

  14. Jennifer Butler Basile on said:

    For just enough snark to make me smile (and snort milk through my nose once in awhile), please accept this nomination . . .

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