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Where are the Riot Grrls?

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on this blog.

I know that most humans don’t really give a fuck about that.

Many times I see a blogger apologize for a hiatus. I always think, “I don’t give a fuck about that.”  So, that’s how I know that few people give any fucks about my own hiatus.

I’ve been working on me because people say you’re supposed to and shit. I’m not supppsed to feel guilty for “me” time. I’m supposed to take good care of my sons’ mother.

So I have been working out and napping and eating hummus and veggies and all that good stuff.

I feel motherfucking amazing.

I FELT amazing  until Tuesday.

I’m a survivor of sexual assault.  This country’s election of a pussy-grabber has made me feel unsafe.  Like, PHYSICALLY unsafe.  “Blah, blah jobs and The Heartland and boo NAFTA and save the babies.”  I get it, Conservatives.  You wanted change.  I hear you loud and clear.

But THIS guy?

The atrocities against women in his resume are plentiful and vomit-inducing.  I cried real tears over this.

But now I’m just pissed.

I tried Googling “women’s power” in the hopes of finding an organization I can connect with.  Most of what I found was just too dainty.  There were meet-and-greet groups and networking folks and mommy support groups.  And those are needed and phenomenal in their own right.  But not what I was looking for.

Where are the Riot Grrls these days?  I want a women’s version of the Black Power movement.  I want some angry fucking ladies from all walks of life:  gay, straight, black, white, young, old, and so on.

Angry bitches.

Where are the angry bitches?

Let’s make a group.  We will be a group of women less interested in lunch dates, business cards and pleasantries and more interested in making a real difference.

I want to stop apologizing for everything from bumping someone in line at the store to seeming like “one of those feminists.”  I want to stop caring what people think and start demanding that we ALL start getting treated like people.  I want to fight the white patriarchy without wondering whether using the words “white patriarchy” will make me seem “unfeminine,” “man-hating,” “elitist,” or “whiny.”

Let’s revolt.  Let’s make a fisted salute symbol of our movement that mimics an arm cradling an infant in strength and pride.  After all, women’s arms do many amazing things from holding and nurturing the future generation of our species to elbow-punching our oppressors.

Who is with me?



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