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The Zen of Candy Crush Saga

I have learned time and time again in life that if everyone is doing it, then it is obviously a great idea.

And, so I should not have been surprised to learn that Candy Crush Saga (or just Candy Crush to those of us in the know), is as fabulous as others wanted me to believe.

But, not for the reasons I thought.

Candy Crush taught me about LIFE.

When I was stuck on Level 79, I was certain that I’d either quit or throw my iPhone out a goddamn window before I solved it.  But, then, I realized that I’d been employing the same exact strategy to solving the puzzle on each attempt.  After about a million weeks stuck on that level, I finally thought to myself, “Well, self, if this isn’t working for you, maybe something about your approach ought to change.”

Oh.  My. God.


Where have you been all my life, Candy Crush?

You know, they always told me that the answer to the ultimate question of life is “42,” but it turns out that this isn’t right.  It’s “Candy Crush.”


And, a warm feeling fell over me like a blanket.  Angels sang.  And, I changed my gameplay strategy.  And I beat motherfucking level 79.

It all seems so simple, doesn’t it?  If something is not working, it should be changed.  God — all that money Dr. Phil makes.  Everyone could have just downloaded a free app.


Candy Crush also teaches me that I have to think one step ahead of where I eventually want to be, that I should move quickly but deliberately, that I should consider the “whole picture” before judging one of its parts, and, of course, that stripes go great with dots.


See, mom, it doesn’t all rot your brain and make you violent…

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2 thoughts on “The Zen of Candy Crush Saga

  1. Jennifer Butler Basile on said:

    Isn’t it great when something so simple or seemingly unrelated makes everything so clear!?

    Happy Gaming (Candy Crush and in Life)!

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