Off Duty Mom

Thoughts from an exhausted mom who is NEVER really "off duty"

The journey begins…

The December series relating to infertility stories submitted by numerous writers from all over the world is set to begin next week.

Please check back often to read all kinds of stories from very different folks with very different experiences.  Some will make you laugh and others may make you cry.  Some stories are unfinished yet — the journey for some of our writers continues.

The month of December is a time to celebrate, but it is also a very difficult time for the couples who are facing yet another holiday without little ones to help celebrate it.  Our goal here is to share our spirits and share our strength.  So many of us have been through this battle.  No one going through struggles with fertility needs to feel alone.

We are still interested in anyone who may want to share a story, specifically about adoption or nontraditional routes to family planning or family growth.  If you’d like to join our series, please visit the Guest Posting page here for information.

Thank you all for your ongoing interest in this subject.

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