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(Almost) Last Call for Submissions!

This December, Off Duty Mom will be featuring the stories of several women who have experienced all stages and types of battles with infertility.  As the holiday season approaches, many of us know that it can be difficult to cope with NOT getting the one thing we really want:  a family.

You can’t always get what you want, but you can try sometime and you might find you get what you need.

Avid readers of Off Duty Mom know that we love humor, wit and cleverness.  However, stories of all types and tones are welcome.  Send us your happy, sad, exhausting, gory, triumphant, expensive and just plain weird stuff, too.  We will feature selected stories about people’s struggles with all types of infertility throughout the month of December.

If you are interested in submitting a piece for consideration, please visit the “Guest Posting” section of the Off Duty Mom blog.  Or, “like” Off Duty Mom on Facebook and submit your piece through a message to us there.

The goal is to provide the many, many loving adults out there who have a very special wish for this holiday season will have a wonderful series of stories to read from people all over so that they may understand that they are not alone in their struggles.

If you’d like more information about the upcoming series, please leave a comment here.  We’ll get back to you soon.

For the many of you with whom we’ve already spoken about submitting your stories, please get those to us soon!  We can’t print everything we receive, but we do hope to include as many as we can!

Submissions will be accepted until November 22 (Thanksgiving Day).

Happy writing!

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7 thoughts on “(Almost) Last Call for Submissions!

  1. a good idea–it will provide a forum for those who suffer from not having this wish granted in the usual way–I did not struggle with infertility–but both my sons were born very prematurely, so we decided not to have any more children–they are healthy guys in their twenties now–so the story has a very happy ending, if traumatic beginning

    • Thanks for your comment.

      I was shocked to learn about how imperfect the process of having a family can be. So very many people go through all sorts of issues relating to conception, birth, postpartum wellness, and so on. I had a dear friend suffer from a serious heart problem after delivering her child. She had been perfectly healthy.

      I suppose we all have a story to tell. I thought it might help to share the stories so that we might all feel a little less alone.

      Thank you for reading!

  2. Hello, Off-Duty Mom. 🙂

    I’m only 19, at present point. Notwithstanding that, I am aware that for practical reasons, I may never want to get married and have children in future. A friend of mine (28, married, has a daughter) said she felt this way as well at my age, and she doesn’t regret how things have turned out in her life.

    Are marriage and having children of your own actually worthwhile? Please enlighten me. Have a good day!

    • I have to say that this is all a very personal decision. It’s likely one you aren’t fully ready to commit to at your age, but it may very well be that how you feel today will be how you will feel 10 years down the road, too.

      Nevertheless, having a family is fabulous, but exhausting. It is not something anyone should enter into without careful consideration. My children make my life better. But, I couldn’t fathom the responsibility this would entail until I actually live it as a mother.

      I was never a “kid” person myself. I still don’t love kids in general, though I love my kids. I am not a natural at baby talk and I don’t think that getting on the floor to play with cars is fun. Some adults seem to gravitate to kids more easily than I do. I once wondered if I ought to be a mom given that I didn’t seem to have that “instinct.” As it turned out, though, I got comfortable quickly with my new role. And, prior to having kids, my husband and I waited, enjoyed our marriage for several years, and carefully weighed the decision to begin a family. I thought about how things would change for me and I thought very hard about the questions I had about caring for children. In the end, things ended up pretty great.

      All the best to you. Thanks for reading!

  3. XercesBlue on said:

    I am 7.5 years into my battle with infertility. Being a mom and a veterinarian were the only 2 things that ive always wanted that never have changed in my life. Now im in school for a different position in the veterinary field, and still trying to hopefully one day soon have my own family. Even if we have to adopt.

    • Please consider sharing your story in our December series! If you’re interested in guest blogging with us, let me know!

      Best to you. This is a difficult thing to go through. I know personally.

    • We are seeking guest posts from three more bloggers. Would you share your story for the December series? Let us know. You can check us out of Facebook for details if you’d like!

      Hope you’ll share!

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