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Free stuff!

As we advertised earlier this summer, we are giving away a beautiful, artisan-crafted necklace and earring set once our “follower” list reaches 200.

When we reach 200, we will enter all 200 followers in our drawing for these pretty fashion pieces.

The necklace is crafted of copper-, gold-, hematite-, and bronze-toned metals, making it the perfect accompaniment for any outfit.

The earrings are created by hand to match the necklace perfectly.

The set has been donated by Jady Manor, one of the best places for handmade jewelry, home decor, furniture, and art design.

The set sells for $50, but might be yours free if you follow Off Duty Mom!

More photos of these pieces will be posted here and via Twitter soon. More information on Jady Manor will also be available for those of you who might be interested.

Thanks for following!



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One thought on “Free stuff!

  1. Those look fabulous! Crossing my fingers (which really makes typing difficult).

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