Off Duty Mom

Thoughts from an exhausted mom who is NEVER really "off duty"

The “Off Duty Mom” Story

When I was very young, my mother would grab a novel as evening approached and place it on her nightstand. Then, when I was tucked in, she’d put on a flannel nightgown, sit on her bed, put a pillow in her lap, prop up her book and declare herself “off duty.” Inevitably, I’d come into her room, she would sigh with exasperation, flop her book down, look at me over the top rims of her glasses and say “WHAT?!” I’d ask for a glass of water/midnight snack/ trip to the potty/ snuggle to ease my fears of nightmares/ answers to questions about the meaning of life…

numerous times.

I never understood the desperate need to have one MOMENT — one breath during which no one was throwing up on me, crying, throwing a tantrum, repeating “MOM — MOM — MOM.”

Until now.

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